choosing your practitioner…

unfolding wellness

From the heart…

When choosing a Professional to work with, its great to know a little more about them and the unique experiences that have shaped their ability to assist you.

To this end… this is a little love note from me…. to you….

We all know that life isn’t always peachy. The ups and downs, the contrast between feeling great and feeling other is much like the ebb and flow of waves in the ocean.  Sometimes we easily weather the moment, and other times we acknowledge that help would be beneficial.

Experiencing my own health issues has given me a greater understanding of the bumps in the road that clients may experience related to health and wellbeing.  

When a crisis hits, whether health or otherwise, we often can’t see the wood for the trees.  My experiences have been no different to yours.  As time has passed and I’ve grown, these crises have clearly revealed themselves to be ‘gifts in strange wrapping paper’, a term I learnt from Dr Darren Weissman with whom I trained in the United States a decade ago. 

These challenging life experiences have enriched the landscape of my history and have expanded my abilities as a therapist.  

Being stuck isn’t pleasant, and climbing back out of any situation, whether emotional, health, or physiologically related, isn’t always as simple as grabbing a ladder.  

Service is my path, and I’m incredibly grateful to the many who have found their way to me via individual sessions, or through attending workshops and retreats over the years.  Every person has been both a teacher and a motivator, a reason to continue to grow, research, study and be of service.   

My heartfelt commitment to you, is that we will sit, explore, connect, and journey together, engaging all of the tools and resources at my disposal to assist you in your wellness journey towards whatever your personal goals may be.  

And… if you feel ‘goal-less’, perhaps I can assist you with that as well.  Sometimes life experiences can weigh us down until we feel subconsciously ‘cornered’ and can’t find our way out of a paper bag. And yes, I’ve been there too.   There is a way through and out, and it begins when you reach out for assistance. 

My loving advice is to seek help, and seek support, whether with myself or others.   You don’t have to take the difficult aspects of your life journey alone.  Help is at hand. 

My dear mum had a saying: “When one door closes, another one opens”…  I trust that my services will be an opening door for you and for your growth and wellness.   

In loving service and in warm gratitude 

Be blessed as you walk towards more Wellness

Genevieve x