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Q. What can i expect in a first session?

A. Taking a thorough history is one of the ways a good Practitioner is able to assist you.  It paves the way forward for specific approaches to assisting you with your unique issue.  It also offers you, the client an opportunity to gain a feeling for the way that I work.  There is also time for treatment during your first appointment.   You’ll feel heard, understood, supported and safe – this is the way that I offer my services.  Unconditionally loving and supportive spaces for people just like you to grow. 

Q. How long does a session last?

 A. First appointments are approximately 90 minutes long – a thorough history is taken and a plan is formulated to move forward.     Treatment begins in the first appointment.  Second and subsequent appointments are approximately 1 hour.

Q. Why is addressing my emotional past so important?

A. Society places very little importance in processing emotions.  It is my life’s work to assist individuals in clearing past pain, traumas, and negative self talk, as the positive benefits and spin off in clients’ lives is tangible and real. (Check out the testimonials page).

Q. What kinds of things is your work effective for?

A.  Virtually anything, emotional issues obviously, yet clients are often pleasantly surprised that they can achieve a reduction in their physical discomfort in an appointment addressing emotional issues. 

Q.  Could my negative emotions be contributing to my pain levels?  

A.  Yes, this has certainly been my experience in assisting people for several decades.  Negative ‘self talk’ and the way we see ourselves can play a contributing role in our inflammation and pain levels.

Q.  My issue is physical, can your work help me? 

A.  Yes, and no.  We need to be totally practical here. If you are in a wheelchair, or have a terminal illness, I can assist you with your stress and worry, and assist in helping you make peace with where you are in your life.  I don’t make outlandish and foolish claims to heal people.  My work is grounded, realistic and open – meaning I have no set way of viewing you other than how my services can assist you in your emotional recovery.  That emotional recovery may also have positive impact on your physical health.  

Q. I don’t know what my issues even are – can you help me?

A. Yes.  This is where the tools and ways of working through the years have really fine tuned themselves in my services.  We can gently uncover the un-obvious so that you can start the process of addressing what is in the way, and that is my particular form of assistance.  Detective work.  

Q. I’ve tried a psychologist before, how is your work different? 

A. Psychologists frequently engage in what is termed ‘talk therapy’, which can be beneficial for many.  My work differs in that adding the additional dimension of involving the physical body in the treatment process via EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) provides highly beneficial improvement and may resolve issues which have been resistant in other treatment modalities. 

Q.  I just feel overwhelmed with life – can you help me? 

A.  Yes.  EFT has been proven to be effective in reducing cortisol, the stress hormone. 

Q.  I have a lot of anger but don’t know where it is coming from – can you help me? 

A.  Yes.  We can investigate and seek the source of the anger and use specific techniques to dissipate it. 

Q.  I feel like I’m drowning in sadness but don’t know why – can you help me? 

A.  Yes. You may not consciously know, but it has been my experience that being a ‘detective’ with your history can turn up an event which caused a powerful emotion, which perhaps at the time, wasn’t ‘felt’ all the way through to completion.  Freeing this often creates change for the client. 

Q. Can I briefly talk to you between appointments? 

A.  Yes, I do my very best to return calls to clients within the same day. However, I’m sure you can appreciate this isn’t always possible.  I do make myself available for brief telephone chats (if  required) to assist you in between appointments. 

Q.  I have some obstacles in the way of my success – can you help me? 

A.  Yes. Perhaps you have some goals which are eluding you, regardless of your efforts.  EFT /Kinesiology is excellent for uncovering and removing obstacles so that you can live your dreams and reach your personal goals. 

Q. What kind of things do you suggest to do in between appointments, I want to be pro-active in my recovery?

A.  Any form of improvement that we each seek in our lives requires some form of effort and/or  change.  If we want to get fit, we engage in some form of exercise.  If we want to improve our food intake, we eat healthier foods.  The same is true of wanting to improve your emotional landscape to feel happier, calmer, more peaceful or at peace with a past event.  Pending your unique intention and what you desire to work on, I may suggest any number of very do-able practical things to assist your progress in between appointment.  Your engagement in moving forward between appointments will always give you a more complete outcome and build confidence in using various techniques and suggestions offered..

Q. I have an eating disorder – can you help?

A. Yes.  Craving, overeating, not choosing healthy options, eating too many of one specific kind of foods, and under-eating are all signs of emotional distress.  Eating disorders are your body’s way of trying to protect you in some way, form, or manner.  However, the protection is often damaging in and of itself.  Again, as a Detective, I journey through the client’s history to see where the choices came from – and then unhook this form of protective behaviour in favour of something more health sustaining and health promoting.  Eating disorders are serious business and suggestions may be made for the client to also engage in other services with other professionals. 

Q. We have relationship issues – do you work with couples? 

A. Yes. I do but only with 2 willing parties.  If one of the couple is being ‘dragged along’, it might be more prudent to seek assistance for yourself initially.  Sometimes as one partner notices a general improvement in the other person, it may peak their interest to engage in similar appointments, initially perhaps for themselves and then jointly in an appointment.   Please call me to discuss. 

Q  I’m worried about my children’s stress levels due to their exams – can you help them?

A.  Yes, as long as they are a willing appointment attendee.   Research has shown EFT to be highly effective in addressing exam stress. 

Q. What if I get emotional during my appointment? 

A. Great, fantastic, wonderful, I have tissues!  This shows that the e-motions (i.e. energy in motion) have begun. It is a part of the healing process, it is natural, so let it flow.  It is amazing through the years to hear so many beautiful people sitting with me, apologise for their tears.  I celebrate the tears.  Society is so unaccepting of the heavier, more negative emotions – ‘feeling’ is your body’s way of moving through a block.  I’m highly supportive and gentle at these times.  You’ll be laughing again in the same session in no time. 

Q. How does clearing a phobia work and do you do site visits?

A.  I see a phobia as having a very specific architecture; a part of you put the phobia in place to protect some aspect of yourself.  Addressing the smallest aspects and specifics of any phobia and ensuring it is clear before moving forward has brought excellent results for my clients through the years.  I’ve had success with stubborn claustrophobia, public speaking, dental phobias, blood, and needles, to name a few.  Please call me to further discuss.