unfolding wellness


There is a powerful undeniable link between our emotions, stress, and our health.  Countless research studies the world over reveal the link between stress and how it undermines our health.  

Choosing a professional to work with and open up to, perhaps sharing some of your deepest concerns, fears, or personal history is a self empowering step forward in your own healing.  

It is totally understandable that you might feel a little hesitant. As the old saying goes, ‘the first step is often the hardest’ … yet it is often also the most rewarding.  

One great aspect of EFT is that if you have an issue that is deeply personal, you can still be helped without having to discuss the specifics of the issue.  So there are options to assist everyone! 

Perhaps you would like assistance in emotionally reversing back out of where you’ve found yourself, or help in finding your voice or striding out in your life?  

Whether your issues are emotional or physical, professional help is at hand. 

The appointment space is unconditionally accepting, safe, and totally confidential (always). 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’) is incredibly effective.  As a modality, it has over 100 white paper peer reviewed studies regarding its effectiveness and efficacy.  Additionally,  multiple other Energy Psychology modalities and tools may be engaged during an appointment to help you progress your wellness and wellbeing journey. 

Research has shown a link between our emotional states and inflammation.  Negative emotions and negative repetitive thoughts can contribute to inflammation and discomfort.  EFT can be highly effective in reducing and sometimes eliminating physcial pain.

Whether you are seeking to:

  • address a sudden or long standing issue or block
  • address grief, sadness, or depression
  • free yourself from feeling stuck
  • resolve a phobia (i.e. public speaking)
  • find your voice
  • reconnect to yourself
  • clear blocks to achieving your goals
  • or simply find your mojo again!

Why not check out some of the testimonial statements from clients from all walks of life and all age groups.   With 30 years expertise and a high client re-booking rate you are in excellent hands.

Let’s unpack and unfold your emotional wellness with effective tools and techniques to help you on your emotional wellness journey.

Let’s take a walk together for a while.